Why Can't We Be Friends

"Why Can't We Be Friends" at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles

It was a star-studded fest at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles for the ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ concert featuring a long line of Motown, Funk and Latin living legends. Many people in attendance young and old came to see their favorite artist whom they love.

As the lights began to dim, iconic Spanish Harlem born and bred singer Joe Bataan was the first artist to walk on stage with a huge grin and a charm to make all the ladies in the room blush. The 76-year-old sang many of his hits songs like "Ordinary Guy" and "Gypsy Women." As soon ‘My Cloud’ came on, everyone began to scream and pull out their cell phones to take pictures. Joe's charisma lit up the stage, and his ability to make anybody smile was remarkable. Joe Bataan is definitely a master of ceremonies and certainly dominated the night.

Up next was the soulful music of legendary singer Patti Drew,  joined her on stage with her sister and son. Even though she sat down through the whole act, Drew drew still had the strength to sing a few of her hit songs including ‘"Working On a Groovy Thing." Her sister sat next to her,  singing along and helping her with the vocals, while her son took the hook. After she was done everyone stood up and gave her a standing ovation and also sang happy birthday to her since it was her actual birthday. Drew remained speechless as though she was lost in time. She shed a tear and thanked everyone for supporting her music for many years.

Comedian Kat Williams was the host for the night with many jokes up his sleeve; he was sure to make the audience laugh out loud. Up next was Mike and the Sensations. These guys know how to touch a nerve and make you feel the music pumping through your veins. ‘There’s Nothing I Can Do" and "Victim of Circumstance" are two of their biggest hits songs. More than 40 years in the game their music is straight fire. Timeless music to listen to over and over again for generations to come.

Latin music artist Trisha Toledo(also known as the ‘Princess of Soul') gracefully walked on stage with a glowing energy and a confident demeanor to give her fans what they paid for. Even though she’s been singing for a couple years now, she’s proven that she can compete with the best of them and stand toe to toe with the legends who paved the way for her. Two of her most popular remake songs which is "Somebody Please" and "I Do Love You" have been getting a lot of views was on YouTube. She’s one artist to watch out for in the years to come.

Chicago’s very own Motown group the Chi Lites appeared on stage wearing their bright red suits with red Fedora hats. They instantly caught the attention of many concert goers who then quickly shouted out their favorite songs from the Chi-lites. "Oh Girl" and "Have You Seen Her" are two songs which brought back memories for a lot of people. One of the members of the Chi-lites got on the microphone, made a joke and said “some of you may have been conceived to our music”. The Chi-lites once again and will forever put on a great performance.

Barbara Mason with her natural glow came on stage greeting everyone as onlookers wanted to shake her hand and take pictures with her. She even asked a guy to get on stage so she can sing to him. Barbara sang her heart out as if she was singing for the first time. Many of her songs such as ‘You Never Love Me at All’, ‘I’m No Good for You’, and of course the audience favorite "Yes, I’m Ready" are timeless classics that will forever be cherished in our hearts.

The man, the myth, the legend Brenton Wood was next on stage wearing his bright yellow zoot-suit outfit greeting everyone as he walked on stage. Brenton’s a very humble guy who likes to interact with his fans as much as possible. With hits such as "Me and You," "I Think You Got Your Fools of Mixed Up," ‘Take A Chance on Me" and many many more enduring songs. Brenton is by no means slowing down. Young and old, his fans are growing by the numbers.

And lastly, the band who a lot of people came to see is the legendary funk band WAR. With their funk, rock, jazz, latin and reggae elements of music, everyone got a little taste of something. Famous for their ageless music such as "Lowrider," "Why Can’t We Be Friends," and "Slippin Into Darkness," WAR is a band that will keep on going until the wheels fall off.

WAR is one of the eras finest funk bands, their 1975 hit "Lowrider" has become an anthem of sorts for the Latino custom car community. So when this song came on, a lot of men in the crowd raised their beers cups up in the air and started dancing. WAR is defiantly not slowing down, they are a prime example of longevity and originality.