Beatchain Announces Platform Launch

A new music platform called Beatchain has recently launched with the intent of enabling artists to take control of their careers.  Beatchain’s services help musicians share their talent, connect with fans and earn money from their music, without having to share profits and creative control with industry middlemen.

Though there are many tools in the market providing services to musicians, they tend to be expensive and limited to a single capability, for example, handling just distribution, websites, email lists or social media management. Beatchain believes artists need all of these capabilities together in one platform. Over 40,000 artists have already signed up for the Beatchain platform.

“Too many artists are seeing music streaming as a talent show where they upload one song to Spotify with zero promotion, and suddenly they’re being signed to a label or played on the radio,” said Ben Mendoza, Beatchain CEO. “Unfortunately that’s not how the music industry works in the streaming era. To get heard above the noise, you need the complete set of tools to grow and engage your fanbase, get them hyped for your new release, and then direct them again and again to your music, your shows and your merchandise.  The unique thing about Beatchain is that you can do all this with one platform, without the artist needing to become an expert marketer or music promoter.”

Beatchain offers three pricing levels—a free Basic Plan, a Premium Plan for $14.99 and a “Superstar” Plan for $19.99. The platform’s wide array of tools remove the need for artists to subscribe separately to a number of other services, which can add up to a significant monthly investment, especially for artists just starting out.

“Beatchain will be a big lift for the independent community and artists, which now command a 40 percent market share,” said Allen Kovac, CEO and Founder of Better Noise Music and Tenth Street Entertainment.

Beatchain's roadmap will add more tools throughout 2020, including subscription fan-clubs, ticketing, AI mastering, lyric videos and ad-placement functionality.