Ascend Performing Arts Partners with D'Addario & Co to Exclusively Perform Evans & Promark Products

D’Addario & Co. has announced a new partnership with Ascend Performing Arts.

Ascend is a not-for-profit educational organization, based in Denver, Colorado which operates the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble and Blue Knights Winds (debuting 2019). The ensembles of Ascend will perform exclusively with Promark Sticks & Mallets, Evans Drumheads, and D’Addario Accessories.

The partnership will continue to strengthen D’Addario’s commitment to music education and the marching arts.

“The ensembles of Ascend have always been known for being trendsetters in the activity with the ultimate goal of educating the next generation of musicians,” says Kyle Thomas, D’Addario Artist Marketing Manager. “This ethos mirrors our own at D’Addario. We’re extremely humbled that Ascend has chosen to partner with us to continue giving amazing experiences in the marching arts to young people from around the world.”

Founded in 1958, the Blue Knights came from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected, innovative, and successful competitive drum and bugle corps in the world. With a renewed commitment to artistic expression and challenging repertoires, the Blue Knights Drum & Bugles Corps continues to reestablish itself as a force within the activity.

Kevin Shah, Creative Director of Ascend Performing Arts says, “To say I am excited about this new partnership between Blue Knights and D’Addario is an understatement.” Executive Director, Mark Arnold adds: “Both organizations share a commitment to excellence and realize forward thinking and innovation are key to the success of our vision. Our new partnership will certainly benefit young musicians for years to come!”

For more information about the Blue Knights and Ascend visit ascendperformingarts.org.