Millennia Releases NSEQ-HF

The NSEQ's HF section has been used on countless recordings as a not-so secret trick to add
musical sparkle to vocals, acoustic instruments and the entire mix. The most frequent
comment we hear from our mastering clients: "...the 21k doesn't sound like an
EQ ... It sounds like music."  

The NSEQ-4 ultra-low noise circuitry has been incorporated into the affordable NSEQ-HF 500
series module, including Millennia's all-discrete third generation Class A JFET FSA-03 EQ
amplifier and true-differential all-discrete JFET DSA-01 Class A line amplifier.

Choose peaking or shelving filter shapes. Select 1 of 6 frequency centers from 4.8k to 21k
and dial in the sound. The cut/boost range is +/- 18dB, controlled by a 21-position
detented gain control.  A gain range switch allows for finer adjustment by changing
the range to +/- 9dB. The NSEQ-HF's Input switch compensates for the 6dB level
difference when using an unbalanced input.

$689 Street Price, available now from stock.

More here: mil-media.com/NSEQ-2