New Toys: Waldorf Iridium Synthesizer

Waldorf has its Iridium Keyboard, a desktop synthesizer with a new 49-key FATAR TP/8SK semi-weighted pressure keyboard with polyphonic after touch. Polyphonic after touch is transmitted individually for each note played so you could play and hold down any number of keys and simultaneously move each finger individually. The 851-mm (W) x 355-mm (D) x 110-mm (H) Iridium Keyboard has an expanded front panel with one-knob-per-function control along with six freely assignable macro buttons next to the Pitch and Mod wheels for additional performance control.

There is a Mod Matrix with 40 independent modulation assignments each with its own individual Source, Amount, and Destination. Iridium Keyboard is also capable of processing MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) data making multiple parameters of different notes separately controllable to emulate more exactly like an acoustic instrument.

The Waldorf Iridium Synthesizer ships with new specifically created sounds and samples in addition to all those included in the Iridium desktop from the likes of Kurt Ader, BT (Brian Transeau), Richard Devine, Thorsten Quaeschning, and Howard Scarr.

Iridium Keyboard sells for €2,989.00 EUR and available through Waldorf Music’s global network of distributors.