Evans UV1 Drumheads

Evans Drumheads and D’Addario & Co. figured out how to coat drumheads and cure them immediately using ultraviolet light. This coating is applied in a silk-screen process that dramatically enhances the drumhead’s durability and its playable life.

In the past, inconsistent spray-coated drumheads would chip and flake with the sound constantly changing and causing premature tone loss and breakage. So following years of development, Evans introduced the world to their UV-cured coating in 2016 with the release of the single-ply UV1 head.

The result is a coating that resists strikes, brushstrokes and rim shots better than any other, which means drummers get to play with fresh heads for longer and spend less time tuning, modifying and changing heads.

Evans Drumheads soon followed with a 2-ply head with the same coating treatment called UV2. UV2 creates a deep, punchy, and articulate tone with lots of attack. Between the coating and the reinforced film, this is one of the most durable heads available. It is designed with heavy hitters in mind and is exceptional at medium to high volume performances.

The UV-cured coating technology can also be found in a range of Bass Batter heads, as well as the 14-inch Hydraulic Coated Snare heads in Red, Black and Blue. Both the UV1 and UV2 drumheads range from $40 to $60 MSRP.