All Time Low Party with Future Hearts


One expectation always fulfilled at an All Time Low concert is that the band always delivers a top-notch performance. According to frontman Alex Gaskarth in MC’s April cover story,

A big thing for our mindset has always been, ‘Hey let’s play our songs, but we’re here in this room with all these people, let’s make it an experience.’ It’s always been about interaction with the crowd and making it something more than just hearing a band play their music.

At the Hollywood Palladium, the Baltimore boys rocked out to their songs from previous albums as well as singles from their recent release, Future Hearts. In addition, they filled the night with guest appearances, audience participation and a throwback to beloved ‘90s pop-punk classics.


It’s a party anytime All Time Low comes to town. There are already four guys in the band, but add Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Pierce the Veil’s Vic Fuentes, YouTube star violinist Lindsey Stirling and 10 audience members…that’s a lot of people! Hoppus, Fuentes and Stirling made guest appearances in “Tidal Waves,” “Love Like War,” “Kids in the Dark” (respectively), and for “Time Bomb” the quartet invited members of the audience on stage to help them sing the song.

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The All Time Low guys are your best friends. From the songs with inspirational messages to their casual banter in between songs, Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack remind listeners to believe in themselves and remember they’re not alone. When the band interacts with each other and the audience, it’s as if you are all hanging out as close friends. With their hilarious uncensored conversation, they make jokes, poke fun at each other and make “inappropriate” remarks. Apparently, Los Angeles has the hottest moms...

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If the audience wasn’t partying already, they definitely were during the band’s encore. Before the inevitable ending of the show they managed to craftily squeeze in a throwback medley of pop-punk songs that made the audience go crazy:

Green Day’s “American Idiot”
Blink-182’s “All the Small Things”
Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag”
Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy”


It’s an understatement to say that All Time Low brought amazing energy to their two-hour set—it doesn’t do them justice to simply state it. They make the show such an experience that it’s hard to believe it has to come to an end. They easily get the audience singing, jumping, cheering, dancing and downright having a good time, and even new fans will fall in love with the band.


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Text and photos by Siri Svay

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