Consider the Source at ONCE Ballroom - photo by Apple Kaufmann

Live Review: Consider the Source at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, MA

Material: Aficionados of unorthodox, flipped-out fusion with a bent toward progressive metal, represented by John Zorn, Ponga, Tuatara, Master Musicians of Bukakke and Skerik’s Bandalabra, will connect with the stanky, border-smashing ethos of mindboggling instrumental trio Consider the Source. After 12 years together, they’ve released seven albums (five studio, two live) and toured extensively, taking their Middle Eastern-inspired spin on underground jazz to countries as far flung as Germany and India.

Musicianship: It’s a criminally gross understatement to suggest they exhibit musical competency. Equally comfortable inhabiting dreamy, meandering passages as they are blasting a torrent of frenetic notes, the complex, richly textured nature of their compositions infuses glorious, yet unpretentious, sophistication into their flavor that rivals the most expensive Bordeaux. Guitarist Gabriel Marin’s double-neck utilizes processors that ooze a wondrous diversity of novel, unexpected sounds, coloring their style with a variety that belies their size.

Performance: Consider the Source boasts an impressive following and for good reason––their musical execution and vision are unmatched. They’d do well, however, to beef up their audience interactions. Smartly, their drums come emblazoned with their elegantly effective logo, and stage moves such as playing guitar with a water bottle are saved for set’s end. Witnessing Marin’s passion for playing, so great he melds with his instrument until the two become virtually indistinguishable, easily covers the price of admission.

Summary: Some are born to play. That’s the case with this unparalleled triumvirate and, subsequently, whatever remains to be seen from them will forever appeal to a discriminating, higher-conscience crowd. Penetrating a wider demographic would be easier with the inclusion of a few minor trimmings. More stage patter could engender a greater sense of inclusion. That said, jam bands better watch their backs when these guys come ‘round; this pan-global party train stops for nothing.

The Players: Gabriel Marin, guitar; John Ferrara, bass; Jeff Mann, drums; David “Fuze" Fiuczynski, special guest.

Photo by Apple Kaufmann

Venue: ONCE Ballroom
City: Somerville, MA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: considerthesourcemusic.com

Consider the Source - "Many Words of Disapproval"

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