Album Review: Scott H. Biram - Nothin' But Blood

scott-h-biramScott H. Biram • Nothin' But Blood • Bloodshot Records • Producer: Scott H. Biram • Score: 8 out of 10

This is recording number nine for the Austin, TX singer/songwriter/guitarist as he furthers his twisted amalgam of gospel, punk, metal, Americana, outlaw country and blues. Biram seems to come by it honestly as he embraces a one-man band approach and delivers with a seemingly limitless reserve of chops, machismo and black humor. He is also a master storyteller who’s able to adopt various personas to illustrate his songs. Imagine if Country Joe McDonald, David Allan Coe and Lemmy formed a band and the product of their collective endeavor might resemble something here.
– Eric A. Harabadian