Album Review: Susan Werner - Hayseed

Sleeve Dog Records
Total Rating: 8 of 10
Crit Harmon

 Marking a productive and eclectic 20 years as a critically acclaimed indie recording artist, Susan Werner blends Americana flavored wit, pluck, heartfelt poetry and poignant down home charm on her latest theme recording—a compelling ode to the enduring necessity and spirit of American agriculture via her Iowa farm roots. Balancing simple, delightfully front porchy acoustic guitar and vocal arrangements with richer country-rock productions, Werner tackles unique subjects ranging from farmer’s markets and agrochemicals (the hilarious “Herbicides”) to more serious topics like climate change, drought and the hope of sustainable agriculture. Wener’s crisp vocals and incisive songwriting makes this an inspiring set that looks back longingly and forward hopefully at the same time.

– Jonathan Widran