Pierce the Veil Rock Hometown Show


It may be near three years since Pierce the Veil has released an album, but that didn’t stop the band from performing with the passion and excitement of a band touring material for the first time. With a set mainly comprised of tracks from their 2012 release, Collide With The Sky, the quartet commanded the attention of the crowd for the entirety of their hour long set


There was certainly a great connection between the band and their hometown audience. The highlight of the night, however, came during Vic Fuentes’ stripped down acoustic of “I’m Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket.”

“We only like doing acoustic songs if the crowd sings along, so can you do that with me?” Fuentes prompted and the arena happily obliged. Lighting up with the grow of cellphones, the crowd and singer came together up through the break in the song that found him going to his knees. Then, as if to solidify the moment, he handed the reins to the arena, which led the end of the song in a near deafening sing-a-long.


Of all the bands on the World Tour, Pierce the Veil proved to be the one most equipped for an arena tour. From their performance that filled the space with the energy of a much smaller show, to the lighting and staging, and even to the sound that was the perfect balance for the arena--something that had been the downfall for the majority of the night. It’s obvious that the post-hardcore outfit has conquered their live performance, which makes the wait for their upcoming release even more exciting. The only thing that would be improved the evening would have been a taste of what’s to come.


Words and pictures by Victoria Patneaude

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