Album Review: "Mermaid A-Go-Go" by The Neptunas (8/10)

Distributed by: Altered State Of Reverb

Producer: Danny Amis

The Neptunas, an all-female surf/garage combo, have resurfaced this year with their most polished release to date. Los Straitjackets’ founder Danny Amis produces, and with the simple addition of mariachi horns on the first cut he manages to bring the band’s instrumentals to epic soundtrack levels! Goofy and catchy fun permeates this release, and songs like “Shark Tooth Necklace” and “Mermaid A-Go-Go” will charm humanoids from ages 6 to 60. The Neptunas’ covers, from The Kinks to the Super Stocks to “The Lonely Bull,” are inspired and well played. Experience their serious no-holds-barred attitude of NOT being serious!