Album Review: "Dissecting Shadows" by Rusty Eye (9/10)

Distributed by: Epoche Records/Blood Blast

Producers: Baron Murtland, Mr. Rust, Miss Randall

Rusty Eye is a heavy rock trio from Hollywood who bring multiple influences into the mix for their first release since 2014, their sixth album overall, proving metal is alive and well and fueled with a purposeful vision. All of their songs tell a story or have cinematic overtones. The debut single “This is Permanent” delivers a grindcore urgency, with a catchy hook sung by drummer/co-vocalist Miss Randall. “Can’t Wait to Go to Hell” is appropriately dark, but weaves in clever pop hooks and synth elements. The supernaturally charged “Hellbound Witch,” “Hope Denied” and rocker “The Destroyer” highlight a superb return to form.