Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon, Fever 333 and Thrice at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA

It’s no wonder that the show was sold out with a lineup that included two local Southern California bands, Fever 333 and veteran rockers Thrice along with headliners Bring Me the Horizon.  Angelenos trekked their way through the fog and rain to spend their evening at The Forum to celebrate a great night of rock and roll music.

Though it was cold and wet outside; inside, the Fever 333 brought the heat as they opened the show with their song, “Burn It.”  If you’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing a Fever performance then you know that you become a part of the show as lead singer Jason Butler moves across the stage and into the crowd. Last night was no exception and fans were ecstatic when Butler jumped from the stage and sprinted to the upper-level stands to sing “We’re Coming In”.

Before returning to the stage, Butler ran onto the floor and crowd surfed his way back to the stage to deliver another six songs including [Made in America] [One of Us] [Beatbox and Drum Solo] [Trigger] [Inglewood] [Hunting Season].

Fever 333 concluded their performance to give way for Irvine’s own Thrice lead by Dustin Kensrue who gave an intimate performance spanning over a decade’s worth of music. The band played songs from multiple albums and even surprised fans with a live performance of “Deadbolt,” a song the band had stopped playing for some time. In addition, the band played [Only Us] [Silhouette] [Hurricane] [Hold Up a Light] [Black Honey] [Of Dust and Nations] [The Grey] [The Arsonist] [Yellow Belly] [The Window] [The Earth Will Shake].

Bring Me the Horizon hit the stage with a bang, 30 seconds into, “I Apologize If You Feel Something” long streams of confetti popped out of cannons all around the stage engulfing the crowd. In the wake of the band’s newest album release, Amo and the controversy that surrounded it being “too pop” for their sound, the band came to perform with a point to prove; that they are still the same hardcore metal rockers at the core, and that they did.


Diehard fans were in an all-out frenzy as soon as lead singer Ollie Sykes approached the front of the stage and launched into their new song, “Mantra” followed by a fan favorite, “House of Wolves.” The band went on to play a 17 song set list that included [I Apologize If You Feel Something] [Mantra] [The House of Wolves] [Avalanche] [Mother Tongue] [Wonderful Life] [Shadow Moses] [Nihilist Blues] [Happy Song] [Can You Feel my Heart] [Follow You] [ Medicine] [Antivist] [Drown- Acoustic] Encore: [Doomed] [The Comedown/Diamonds Aren’t Forever] [Throne].