Album Review: Eric Gales Trio - Ghost Notes

EricGalesTrioAlbumEric Gales Trio • Ghost Notes • Tone Center Records • Producer: Eric Gales • Score: 9 out of 10

This marks Eric Gales’ first instrumental record. It illuminates the ingredients that have made him the most authentic blues-rock guitarist of his generation. From the country hoedown of “Pickin’ ‘N Grinnin’” to the silky blues of “A Few More Miles,” listeners are granted a buffet of Gales’ post-Hendrix eclecticism. He also rocks, but funks it up hard with bassist Orlando Thompson and drummer Nick Hayes. Ghost Notes forgoes complex instrumental songwriting in favor of melody, harmony and groove. Gales knows a tasty hook when he hears it and fuses catchy melodic lines with improvisation. His “Amazing Grace” is soul stirring stuff.
– Oscar Jordan