The Hangmen

Album Review: Cactusville By The Hangmen (8/10)

"12 slices of sleazy, snotty punk-glam excellence..."

Formed in ‘86, The Hangmen were initially 
managed by Circle Jerks/Black Flag man
Keith Morris, while Bad Religion’s Brett
Gurewitz produced the tracks that landed 
them a Capitol deal. Things looked brighter
 still when they switched to Geffen alongside Nirvana and the Nymphs. However,
 their album was shelved and members disappeared into addiction oblivion. In 2010, however, Finnish label Hype put out a Hangmen compilation and that prompted a full reunion. Cactusville is, typically, composed of 12 slices of sleazy, snotty punk-glam excellence. Fans of the Dead Boys, Fear and the New York Dolls will lap this up.

Listen to Cactusville here:

Rating: 8/10

Acetate Records

Producers: Bryan Small and Rick Ballard