Album Review: Matt Nathanson - "Show Me Your Fangs" (8/10)

This is the 10th recording from the prolific troubadour, and it proves to be one of Nathanson’s more observational albums as he shares deeper stories and songs about the complexities of life. Tracks like “Bill Murray” and the title tune explore self identity and how people choose to reveal themselves to others. To Nathanson’s credit he never loses his focus despite the inclusion of multiple producers. From the ‘70s soul vibe of “Gold in the Summer Time” to the infectious big chorus/calypso mashup of “Giants,” it all emanates from the singer/songwriter’s varied and engaging kaleidoscopic vision.

Score: 8 out of 10

Matt Nathanson
Show Me Your Fangs
Vanguard Records
Producers: AZEEM; Jonny Coffer; Rob Kleiner; Jake Sinclair; Alex Suarez