Wix Music 2.0 Launches with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Wix.com Ltd., a global web development platform, has announced the launch of Wix Music 2.0, its one-stop-shop technological solution for musicians and the online music industry. Headlined by a partnership with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis the Wix Music launch also includes an innovative campaign on YouTube titled #OpeningAct that will generate more than 100 million views for Wix Music users' videos.

Freeing musicians from the task of piecing together the tools they need, Wix Music is a complete, commission-free platform, empowering artists to independently introduce, share, sell and distribute their music directly from their Wix websites.

Wix Music is a comprehensive product suite designed to address the unique needs of musicians online:

• Commission-free music sales of high quality FLAC and MP3 320kbs digital music files directly from the musicians' Wix websites
• Distribution to over 120 streaming services and online stores including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Rdio and more
• Tour and show promotion and ticketing through seamless website integrations with BandsInTown or Songkick
• Fan management and communications through Wix ShoutOut for integrated email and social marketing, while maintaining full control over contacts and interactions
• Commission-free merchandise sales through Wix's eCommerce solution
• Electronic press kit builder to create password protected and customizable EPKs
• Analytics for music sales, shares, downloads and streams via the musician's Wix website and all relevant distribution platforms
• Tailored website templates specifically built for musicians

"Wix Music was designed to put the artists in control of their brand, their art and their business. It is the perfect example of our commitment to providing our users with all of the tools they need to make their dreams a reality online," said Avishai Abrahami, Wix.com's Co-founder and CEO. "Wix Music gives musicians an all-in-one technology solution for all aspects of their business from building a stunning website and engaging their fans to selling their music, all while keeping 100% of the profits from their art."

For the Wix Music launch, Wix joined forces with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. As part of this collaboration, the Seattle-based duo are creating a series of custom videos for Wix Music users to help mentor emerging artists and provide valuable guidance on how to succeed as an independent artist.

"Wix Music allows musicians to grow their business while staying true to the art they create," said Macklemore. "What made their platform so dope to me was seeing an artist in control. The Internet is crucial for today's artists and Wix Music is a great tool to let them leverage it to the fullest degree. You can create your own website, sell your music, engage your fans, sell merchandise and all from one location while staying true to yourself."

As part of the Wix Music launch, Wix will also be launching the #OpeningAct campaign—a large scale initiative on YouTube promoting Wix musicians. Over the course of one week, Wix will generate more than 100 million views for users' music videos showcasing them as the pre-roll to the music videos of the world's top musicians, effectively turning them to the online #OpeningAct for today's biggest stars.

For more information, visit youtu.be/H9HYfVuXDE4.