W.A. Production Introduces InstaComposer 2 A.I. MIDI Tool 

W.A. Production, producers crafting creative plug-ins to help anyone achieve studio-quality processing speedily and easily, introduces InstaComposer 2 as an advanced AI MIDI Tool taking its popular InstaComposer MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) creation station plug-in predecessor to another level — launching new features and improvements that enhance the user experience with more MIDI tracks, scenes, new scales, and new modes married with enhanced generative coding and superior performance to make practicable new ideas flow more quickly than ever before by producing a wide variety of musical elements, including melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions to provide both beginners and professional musicians with endless possibilities for creating unique and engaging music in any genre or style while working with an intuitive interface and advanced algorithms allowing them to focus on the creative aspect of music production without having to think about composing every note.

14-day, fully-functional trial versions of all W.A. Production plug-ins — including InstaComposer 2 — are available by signing up for an account for free from here: waproduction.com/users/login

Watch W.A. Production’s informative introductory video for InstaComposer 2 here: youtu.be/sjx-KYMZip0