Bobby Darin Estate Relaunches Direction Records

Bobby Darin was, by any definition, a superstar – a chart-topping, multimillion-selling, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, a Golden Globe-winning actor, visionary entrepreneur, and committed political activist.

In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of his 1973 passing from heart disease at just 37 years old, the Bobby Darin Estatehas officially relaunched Direction Records, the groundbreaking label founded by Darin in 1968. Distributed by Secretly Distribution, the Direction Records collection kicks off with the release of five classic albums recorded between 1966 and 1967 and newly reverted to the Bobby Darin Estate, all available now on digital platforms for the first time ever.

The new releases include: Bobby Darin Sings The Shadow Of Your Smile (1966), In A Broadway Bag (1966), If I Were A Carpenter (1966), Inside Out (1967), and Bobby Darin Sings Doctor Dolittle (1967). 

The purpose of Direction Records is to seek out statement-makers,” Bobby Darin said of the label’s foundation.

Direction Records heralded the two landmark albums in which Darin masterfully reinvented himself as a serious, socially conscious singer-songwriter equal to any of the era – 1968’s Born Walden Robert Cassotto and 1969’s Commitment. In addition, the Direction Records catalog will include Songs From Big Sur, a previously released anthology of non-LP singles, rare tracks, alternate takes, and music recorded live during Darin’s May 1969 residency at West Hollywood, CA’s venerable Troubadour.