candlebox disappearing in airports album review

Album Review: Candlebox - "Disappearing in Airports" (7/10)

Candlebox serves up an album that’s equal parts 
nostalgic and aspirational. The band is rooted in their ‘90s heyday, yet also 
informed by a host of new influences. Hard rocking, yet 
non-threatening, these songs make ideal
 AOR radio fodder.

Even tracks spotlighting 
their “controversial” subject matter, such as 
“I’ve Got a Gun” (mass shootings are bad!)
 and “Vexatious” (society is obsessed with technology!), are exercises in introspective contemplation rather than incitement to revolution. Much has changed since the band’s 1993 debut album went quadruple platinum, and what once was fresh no longer stirs the soul in quite the same way.

Score: 7 out of 10

Disappearing in Airports
Pavement Entertainment
Producer: Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland