AIMP and CCC Luncheon with Charlesworth of U.S. Copyright Office

AIMP and CCC invite attendees to join them for a special luncheon presentation on Feb. 11 at Lawry’s by Jacqueline C. Charlesworth on the coming changes in the U.S. Music Licensing System in the Digital Age.

In February 2015, after a year of extensive study and public roundtable discussions led by Charlesworth, the U.S. Copyright Office released its groundbreaking report, “Copyright and the Music Marketplace.” The report identifies significant problems with the current music licensing system–much of which is a product of government regulation–and recommends a number of changes to improve music licensing for the digital age.

The CCC and AIMP are honored to provide the Los Angeles copyright community this intimate, insider’s overview of the report, key developments since its release and what lies ahead for copyright holders and users.

Guest entry is $57 and includes parking.

For more information, visit aimp.org and/or theccc.org.