AIMP Luncheon: Debunking the Legal Myths of Sampling

AIMP PresentsSmallOn Sept. 17, AIMP LA Chapter will present a luncheon panel at Lawry's from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.: "GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME (Debunking the Legal Myths of Sampling)."

The practice of sampling is alive and well—from urban records to the concert hall and to many genres and destinations in between. And with the recent “Blurred Lines” decision, the lines are getting even more blurry. AIMP is inviting attendees for a wide-ranging discussion from multiple perspectives on the various issues and complications of sampling—from the legal to the moral to, ultimately, the financial.

Current panelists include:
•  Rhonda Bedikian, Heavy Harmony Music
•  Composer Laura Karpman
•  Adam Weitz, APM Music

The $55 guest price includes parking.

For more information, visit aimp.org.