AIMP Luncheon: SESAC - The Future of Music Rights is Now

AIMP PresentsSmallSESAC has recently been the subject of many articles, with one journalist saying, "SESAC has quietly offered up solutions over the last two years to what plagues the music industry.” Find out why when SESAC executives convene at AIMP's luncheon panel on Thursday, Oct. 15.

SESAC is a music rights organization with the ability to offer singular licenses for the works of its affiliated writers and publishers that aggregate both performance and mechanical rights. Its recent acquisitions of the Harry Fox Agency and Rumblefish position SESAC as a leader across multiple platforms. Learn how the independent creator can benefit from SESAC’s innovations.

Confirmed panelists include: John Josephson, Dennis Lord and Sam Kling of SESAC and Michael S. Simon of HFA.

The guest price of $55 includes parking.

For more information, visit aimp.org.