Up Close: Aftermaster Audio

The Holy Grail of Digital Audio: Larry Ryckman and Shelly Yakus are the co-founders of the award-winning, cutting-edge Hollywood-based
audio technology company specializing in the development of proprietary and groundbreaking audio technologies and products. Partnering with producer Rodney Jerkins and artist Justin Timberlake, the two bring decades of producing, engineering and mastering experience to the venture they call “the answer to all your audio needs.”

Aftermaster was founded upon a multi-year, multi-million dollar development effort driven by innovators focused on exploring bold new possibilities in digital audio processing. Aftermaster Audio brings unparalleled amplitude, depth, clarity and fullness to any audio recording throughout its entire frequency range without compromise.

For TV, Aftermaster raises all dialogue levels while making all surrounding audio sound substantially better. “We found the Holy Grail,” Ryckman says. “We did something that no one else has been able to do: make a digital audio event sound better throughout the entire frequency range with a process. We’re the only audio technology in the world that can remaster music without changing the original intent of how the music was created.” Legendary mastering engineer Peter Doell heads up the mastering department.

ProMaster: Aftermaster Audio Labs operates state-of-the-art recording and mastering facilities in Hollywood. The facility comprises six recording and mastering studios, boardroom, lounge, production rooms and executive offices. In addition, the company is leveling the playing field for indie artists via its ProMaster service. For only $9.99 per track, they offer studio quality sound created by a team responsible for some of the biggest hits of all time––right to the customer’s inbox, for direct use on Soundcloud, iTunes or any other platform. Users can hear 90 seconds of each ProMastered version before they commit to buying the track.

The Aftermaster Pro: Non-musicians can enjoy the Aftermaster difference with The Aftermaster Pro, the world’s first Personal Re-Mastering Device. The same award winning and unparalleled sound and clarity that Professional Recording Artists use is now available in one’s own personal unit. Users simply install the Aftermaster Pro TV unit between an input and television thru HDMI cable. It can be used with cable boxes, satellite, video gaming consoles, streaming devices, computers, tablets and other devices.

Contact AfterMaster Audio, 310-657-4886

For more info: aftermaster.com