Music Needed for Placement

Busy music library with international distribution and with well-known clients such as Nestle, Hera Cosmetics, Disney (just to name a few) is immediately seeking positive, inspiring and motivating cues.
Pay attention to:
- Structure-wise it stays harmonically on the same, ie it doesn't have a 'A/B/A/B' structure (which makes it easier to cut to picture for advertising usage);
- having an organic instrumentation & a clear mood. Please refer to the Ref's.
Doesn't need a prominent melody - rather, nice musical motives that work well as background music and a forward-going 'pulse' through the track is needed (please refer to the examples).

Only well-composed cues with nice production. Applying composers must have experience in writing for music libraries.

Genre: modern, featuring acoustic instruments
Tempo: mid-tempo to uptempo
Mood: positive, inspiring, advertising-friendly

Track length should be around 2 minutes (go above 2 minutes is best), stick to one mood/drive per track, always pay attention to a continuous & subtle development in during the arrangement/track; arranged endings only (ie do not fade out the whole music as an ending). Solid performance & production needed.

Please DO NOT copy/rip-off the examples provided; These are pieces already signed to the library and shall give you an impression of the arrangement, mood, structure and production quality that is needed.

Song/Instrumental Reference 1: youtu.be/zAbPwZPit1A

Song/Instrumental Reference 2: youtu.be/a8qLzuO9ZHk

Song/Instrumental Reference 3: youtu.be/KLrDHYWT4dE

Song/Instrumental Reference 4: youtu.be/L4DoF_14D_w

Please include website URL, Soundcloud or similar so the job poster can listen to other work if needed.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Per song basis; Exclusive, in perpetuity (due to the worldwide distribution of the catalog); writer keeps 100% writers share plus 50% of any sync/mech licenses (of gross amount, ie no deductions are made).
Deadline: Feb. 15,  unless selected before this date and the job is closed early.