The World's First TV Talent Search for an Original Songwriter Continues

do i have a hit songEpisode two of "Do I Have A Hit Song?," the world's first television talent search​, produced and created by Musik and Film that focuses on songwriters performing their original works, is set to be taped at Mavericks at the Jacksonville Landing on Friday Jan. 9 starting at 7PM. The show will be broadcast on Jan. 20.

Available on cable TV in the U.S. and to a worldwide audience online at IndiMusic.TV, "Do I Have A Hit Song?" looks beneath the surface and searches for the best original songwriters. Orlando, FL-based songwriter Ashley Baker was the winner of episode one and will be going on through to the next stage.

Episode two will have a special guest co-host, 80s hit-writer Tommy Tutone (Jenny 867-5309), joining the show’s host and presenter Drew Copeland of band Sister Hazel--who had a No. 1 U.S. hit with "All for You."

At the end of the series, the winning act will see their submission professionally recorded and produced by the Musik and Film ​Production team before it’s released worldwide and supported by international radio promotion, video promotion​ and physical and digital distribution​.

The winner will have the support of IndiMusic.TV, which has over 800,000 members in its network, including a "Spotlight Segment" and "Artist Feature" on the site for the full month following the end of the contest.

In addition, the winner will also receive a custom Montarado acoustic guitar, a custom made Toneville amplifier, plus official endorsements from both companies.

2nd and 3rd place artists will have the chance to release and promote their own songs through a PR campaign with Musik Radio Promotions. 2nd place will also win a Montarado TimberKaster custom made electric guitar.

For a complete explanation of how it all works, click here.