Lauren Pratt

Artist Turns Setback into Song on "Young American Sycamore"

Americana singer-songwriter Lauren Pratt has released “In The Valley,” the lead single from her new full-length album, Young American Sycamore. Pratt, winner of the No Depression “Singer-Songwriter Award” (2018), follows her Days Like Tonight (2015) album with the new 10-song Young American Sycamore which is slated for release Friday, Sept 13.

During the four years between albums, Pratt began her master’s program in Clinical mental health counseling and Expressive art therapy – an education she’s eager to employ moving forward as she rolls out Young American Sycamore.

"'In The Valley' was written in a feverish burst of creativity after an album tour gone awry,” says Pratt. “This song acknowledges the imbalance that exists in the heart this side of eternity."

From bluegrass rhythms to gothic textures, Young American Sycamore illustrates a wide sonic spectrum of literate songcraft. “I’m a firm believer in the cyclical nature of stories,” Lauren affirms. “For me, this album felt like a significant arc in my personal character development. I am drawn to the songwriting of Johnny Cash and Patty Griffin; the characters in their songs are deeply flawed but something in them longs to be redeemed."

The album’s title, which references a sycamore tree, has a multi-layered meaning. On a beautiful April evening, after returning from post-performance camaraderie in Nashville with music friends, she was awakened in the night by shouts and sirens. The roof of her apartment – in a complex called The Sycamores – was on fire. “It was a pivotal moment in my life,” she recalls. “I was burned out of my home and the dream in one fell swoop.” Moreover, a sycamore is a species that, unlike most trees, sheds its bark as it matures. “These songs are a testimony to the hard times and trials I’ve gone through," Lauren says. "But I am not keeping them with me – it's time to grow.” With the release of Young American Sycamore, Lauren Pratt reaffirms her artistic roots and sheds the proverbial bark of the past through her musical mission of kindness and compassion.

This September, after the Young American Sycamore release, Lauren will perform on the main stage at FreshGrass Festival, joining such Americana icons as Mavis Staples, Iron & Wine, Calexico, and Andrew Bird.

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Track listing for Young American Sycamore:

“In The Valley”

“Blue Eyes”

“Cocaine Gospel”



“Give And Take”

“Some Say The World”


“The Spirit Moves”