Up Close: TK Productions Rehearsal Studios


From Underground Club to Top Rehearsal Studio: The unique moniker to L.A. and Las Vegas based rehearsal studios TK Productions has its roots in owner Chris Byron’s nickname “TK” (The Kid) in the mid ‘80s when he was the bassist, lead vocalist and youngest member of famed Columbus, OH heavy metal band Iron Cross. After launching a lucrative side business there, renting fog machines and wireless systems, the New Jersey native––pissed after one of their events was shut down by the local police––bought a 1955 school bus for $200 and hightailed it to Los Angeles. 

When not handing out leaflets for his business on the Sunset Strip, TK was making connections running sound at Gazzarri’s. After working a series of odd jobs in the live music industry, he started the underground “Club Lipstick” in West L.A. When it was forced to close down, TK began building out and renting spaces to groups and artists there in 1990. This marked the launch of what evolved into TK Productions Rehearsal Studios, which over the years opened lockout facilities all over SoCal, including Orange County, and currently has locations in the original West L.A. neighborhood, North Hollywood and Las Vegas. 

The Bullet Points Say It All: In a section on their website, TK explains why, despite having a rep for being humble and with no frills, bells and whistles, they’re the best monthly lockout facility in the biz through an array of impactful bullet points: Multiple Locations, Hundreds of Private Rehearsal Rooms, Small Drum Studios, Medium Jam Rooms, Large Stage Rooms, Any Size Studios to Fit Your Needs and Budget, Air Conditioned, Smoke Free Environment, Video Surveillance, 24 hour Access, On Call Managers, Month to Month Contracts, Utilities Included, Pro & Clean and Janitorial Serviced. Lockouts start at only $290/mo., with price depending on the size of the space and location. TK has 166 spaces in West L.A., 107 in NoHo and 46 in Las Vegas; a total of 319 individual lockout rehearsal rooms. Each location is styled in the same clean cut décor.

Quote from TK: “TK Productions Rehearsal Studios is a service-based business. Our chief focus is on creating a safe, clean and affordable space for people to rehearse––in nice, well- maintained buildings. You walk in and everything’s clean and organized. Our managers are strict with the basic rules but polite. When any issues come up, the client makes a single phone call and we handle everything on the spot. We’ve had some famous bands come through––and others before they were famous––but we cater mostly to the local guys trying to make it. Everything’s about the music here. One time I remember walking down a hallway and listening to new clients who had just moved into their space. They sounded horrible. Six months later, they sounded incredible and one of the guys was hired as guitarist for Jane’s Addiction. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing people succeed––and it’s great to play even a small role in those opportunities for success.”

Contact TK Rehearsal Studios, 310-445-1151