New Toys: PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

The PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is specifically designed to capture speech audio anywhere—even out on the beach using only a laptop and USB interface. The cardioid pickup pattern lessens unwanted background noise while focusing on capturing narration voices for podcasts or radio broadcasts.

I liked the all-metal PD-70, an end address dynamic mic with an integrated foam windscreen, gold-pinned XLR output connector, and a simple and clean mechanical design that looked great sitting on my desktop. You can thread the mount onto a standard mic desk stand or boom and it works with any mic preamp. I found the integrated yoke mount allowed for easily tilting the mic up or down for aiming it precisely and then it locks into position using a single knob.

The PD-70 worked great for an online Zoom meeting with my SSL 2 USB Audio Interface. The PD-70 has a shelving boost starting at about 1.5 kHz that extends out to 10 kHz. I can hear this presence boost on small computer speakers and it made my voice slightly “more upfront” sounding during the meeting. Somber-sounding voices will benefit from this boost and users should always stay close to the PD-70 to obtain a warm and fat sound. Being close to the PD-70, I also found it suppressed p-pops better than other dynamic mics I own.

The PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is a good choice for a mic that will improve the sound of anyone doing online podcasting, Internet radio or the occasional Zoom meeting. It sells for  $129.95 MSRP.