New Toys: Auralex ProPod Acoustic Decouplers

Auralex ProPods are shock absorbers for your studio monitors. What? Yes, by stopping a vibrating monitor speaker or subwoofer cabinet from conveying energy to what it is sitting on—the floor, desktop, or furniture. You'll clean up the overall sound because those objects no longer vibrate sympathetically. Without the added vibrations, you'll notice more clarity especially at louder playback volumes and/or with bass-heavy music. 

ProPods are 2-inches in diameter and have a machined steel case that comes in matte black or in pearl white and contains a disc of specially damped polymer material that stays “put” and almost sticks to wherever you place it on. ProPods also resist any side-to-side movement at the same time. 

A pack of four ProPods placed at the four corners of one loudspeaker or any audio component will handle up to 50lbs (22.68Kg). ProPods come in packs of four, so you'll need two packs to handle your left and right stereo speakers. 

A four pack of Auralex ProPod™ Acoustic Decouplers sell for $129.99 MSRP and they look cool too!