Livestream Review: Reuel

Material: With so many artists cancelling live shows and tours, the Studios At Fischer, located in Canyon Lake, TX, is showcasing various artists from their world-class production facility. With his classical background in piano, film composition and electronic music, there isn’t much pianist Reuel couldn’t technically tackle in his recent performance. As he takes us across multiple genres from jazz, film soundtracks to classical, the musically diverse program was a tour de force of showmanship and an example of what an artist can do when they think outside the box.

With so much territory to cover, some standout moments were his version of “Mad World,” (Tears for Fears) where he raised the bar by adding his own motif, embellishing an already captivating melody, and in the film category, the theme from Schindler’s List (which can bring the most stoic person to tears). He also shared a couple of his original works along with jazz standards like “Misty,” and one of Broadway’s best, “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables.

Musicianship: Reuel brings classical sensibilities to the various genres along with masterful technique. While he proved he can play just about anything, it was his more reserved moments that demonstrated a wider range of emotion.

Performance: This show had so much to offer on so many levels. Besides the excursion through many styles, the physical surroundings of the venue, which included changing camera angles, nuanced lighting, and great sound, were elements that visually held your attention. Before switching from one category to another, Reuel gave a brief background on what we were about to hear and why he chose each song. The only drawback was the show’s length, not because of its interest level, it’s simply hard to hold people’s attention online on a good day, so shortening the program for these purposes might keep people engaged for the duration.

Summary: By opening himself up to all kinds of music, many doors have opened for Reuel, from concerts to corporate events to becoming a staple on the Las Vegas Strip. He is scheduled to perform as part of the “Turkcell Platinum Istanbul Night Flight,” in Turkey in October, along with Grammy-winning artists like Yo-Yo Ma and actor John Malkovich.

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Web: reuelmusic.com