Decades of Providing Audio & Video Recording and Playback Products: One of four divisions of the Japanese based TEAC Corporation, Montebello based TASCAM, since its formative years in the 1970s, has been dedicated to making innovative products for capturing creativity in the field of music and audio. TEAC created the division to manufacture recording equipment when it became clear that their home stereo hi fi gear was outpacing the quality of the average recording. TASCAM adopted a philosophy of making equipment that offered the uncompromising quality and durability of pro studio equipment while remaining affordable to the masses. These included the first ½ inch, 4-track cassette recorder, the first 8-track, reel to reel/mixer combo, the first R-DAT recorder and the first MiniDisc digital multitracker and CD scratcher. Now in its fourth decade, TASCAM continues to sell superior recording tools that keep technology out of the way so as to let artists create their art.

Model Series Mixers: Over the past year, TASCAM has rolled out its line of model series mixers. Model 12 is a compact all-in-one integrated mixer designed for music and multimedia creators, songwriters and performers. Features include TASCAM’s critically acclaimed multi-track recorder, USB audio/MIDI interface, DAW control functions, and unique podcasting capability including mix-minus and smartphone inputs. The Model 12 supports the creative process, production, and workflow from start to finish including podcasting. TASCAM’s Model 16 all-in-one mixer is a full-featured small format platform that combines the warmth of analog with a digital workflow. The Model 16 is the perfect mixing solution for small format live performance, recording and production environments, featuring a multi-track recorder, USB audio interface, effects, comprehensive mixing and routing capabilities and Bluetooth wireless.

Featuring 16 high-grade TASCAM mic preamps in addition to multiple sets of stereo line inputs, the Model 24 delivers studio quality audio performance. The TASCAM Model 24 allows musicians and engineers to capture up to 24 tracks simultaneously (at 24bit/48kHz resolution) directly to the SD card, with the ability to punch in/out eight tracks at the same time.

Audio Interfaces and First Mic-Pre: With superb audio specifications and connectivity and featuring an outstanding microphone preamp, the TASCAM SERIES 8p Dyna serves both studio and stage. Housed in a rugged 1U rack-mount casing, its dual S/MUX optical ports make it a perfect expansion unit for a TASCAM SERIES 102i or SERIES 208i or other S/MUX-equipped audio interfaces including ADAT, or use it as a stand-alone front end. Each SERIES 8p Dyna channel also features individually switched +48V phantom power for use with condenser mics, and an easy-to-use, single-control analog compressor with true bypass. The new TASCAM SERIES audio interface family, which includes Series 208i and Series 102i, provides professional quality. Expandability, both internal and bundled effects processing, internal mixing, external software control, and more for studio, home, and live recording. With a new look, including an angled tabletop design and large, easy-to-grab knobs, TASCAM sets a new standard for mid-grade audio interfaces.

Streaming: TASCAM now has the VS-R265, a 4K/UHD AV over IP live streaming encoder and decoder that simultaneously records, encodes, streams, and decodes 4K video streams (3840x2160) using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a high efficiency coding scheme that delivers H.264 video quality at half the bit rate. Its sister product is the VS-R264, a Full HD AV over IP streaming encoder and decoder that simultaneously records, encodes, streams, and decodes Full HD video streams (1920x1080) using H.264 long GOP encoding with bit rates up to 30 megabits over standard networks suitable for 100Mbps or 1Gbps.