TASCAM Talkback

TASCAM Announces the Launch of TASCAM Talkback

In response to the popularity of podcasting as a hobby, vocation and creative outlet, TASCAM has announced the launch of TASCAM Talkback, a bi-weekly podcast created specifically for podcasters and streamers. Designed to help podcasters enhance the art, craft, and content of their shows, TASCAM Talkback will delve into the technical aspects of putting together an ongoing podcast series, as well as the critical and organizational skills required to book guests, navigate interviews, and keep a long running show on track month after month.

Heading up TASCAM Talkback is Bruce Wawrzyniak, a veteran podcaster behind more than 180 episodes of the Now Hear This Entertainment podcast. The podcast highlights up-and-coming talent in the music industry and gives listeners an intimate view into the artistic process of a musician, as well as insight into various business concerns facing today's artists.

"Bruce's connection to the music world makes him a natural addition to the TASCAM family, but it's his experience as a podcaster that makes him the perfect host for this show" remarked Eric Larsen, Director of Marketing for TASCAM. "This project is intended to be both educational and conversational, and this requires a host who has really been-there-done-that. Bruce is that guy."

The premier episode of TASCAM Talkback is available for download now at TASCAM.com/TASCAM_Talkback and will return every two weeks with a new episode. It can also be heard on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, with more platforms to be added.