Up Close: Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios


Setting the Standard in SoCal since 2000: Everything you need to know about Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios––a unique six room Westminster based location that has set the standard for SoCal rehearsal facilities since 2000—is in the personal mission statement of owners Britt-Marie and James Trace on their homepage. They believe that quality and superior customer service is what brings people in and keeps them coming back. They’re dedicated to promoting a positive and creative vibe that makes clients not only feel at home when they come to rehearse, but part of their family. The rooms were built with a Styrofoam block system that is then filled with re-bar and concrete. Having built rooms that don’t physically touch each other, Bomb Shelter is the first rehearsal studio to go to extreme lengths to dramatically reduce sound transmission between spaces.

     The facility is also the first to incorporate acoustic treatments such as bass traps into the ceilings to help reduce the amount of low frequency standing waves usually built into the corners. Because certain segments of the walls are not covered with carpet or foam, the rooms have a bit of a live, natural sound. Another huge selling point is Bomb Shelter’s very affordable and competitive hourly rates.

Dedication to Customer Service: Bomb Shelter is renowned for its hands on customer service, which means being there for clients every step of the way to ensure a great rehearsal time. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help with all client concerns—extra cables, dialing in the PA, microphones, etc. As GM Beau Samson says, “Our customer service doesn’t end at the front door.” Britt-Marie adds, “We don’t just hand them the mics and say go do your thing, we go the extra mile and give them a sound check. If they need help, they know they can come get us right away. We’ve found that if we waited till the end of their rehearsal time to check up on them, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to make a difference. As entrepreneurs, James and I have enjoyed the process of growing our business. When people come in the front door, our feeling is, ‘Welcome to our house!’”

Six Rooms and a State of the Art Recording Studio: Bomb Shelter’s five approximately 20x20 “flat rooms” for general rehearsal have options for pro gear by numerous companies, including DW, PDP, Soultone, Roc n Soc, Ampeg, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall and more. The facility also has a large (almost 600 sq. ft. with an 18 ft. ceiling) showcase room with a QSC powered PA system, black curtains and a stage with a drum riser that doubles as a tracking room. Bomb Shelter recently added four-camera video production and live streaming in the main tracking room. In addition to the downstairs room, there is an upstairs control room with a new SSL AWS900+ Mixing Console and an adjoining iso room for vocals and instrument overdubs.

The studio’s setup and systems include Pro Tools Ultimate, Universal Audio, Neumann mics, Rode, Shure, AKG, Apogee, Avalon, Summit, Ventura, AEA and MXL. Co-owner James Trace is an Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator with over 25 years of production experience from live sound to tracking, editing, overdubs, mixing and mastering.

Contact Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios, 714-240-7345