New Toys: D’Addario Mic Stand Accessory System

D’Addario Accessories has the Mic Stand Accessory System. This is a way to customize your mic stand to your specific needs at your gig.

After clamping the Universal Hub to your own mic-stand, you’ll gain the freedom to mount and rearrange a full array of performance-enhancing accessories. Furthermore, you will arrange each module to your exact needs—you might be left-handed, short, tall, use a mic boom, or like wireless in-ears. You’ll be always covered for a handy place for picks, batteries, your keys, handkerchief or a bottleneck slide.

A full array of accessories is sold separately––so start with the Universal Hub and add: the Cup Holder, Tip Jar, and Gear Tray with an assortment of purpose-built hooks. There is a starter kit that features everything you need to be prepped for almost any performance.

The Mic Stand Accessory System Starter Kit sells for $56.99 MAP.

Prices range from $9.99 to $27.99 MAP for other additional pieces.