Aguilar Musical Instruments Releases Storm King Pedal

Aguilar Musical Instruments, a Long Island-based manufacturer of bass amplification products, has announced the introduction of the Storm King distortion/fuzz pedal.

Majestic and mighty like its Hudson Valley namesake Storm King Mountain, this micro pedal delivers a sound like no other. Its unique SHAPE control features a wide sweep of tones from a light tube-like saturation to an aggressive, dirty ripped-speaker tone and everything in-between. The KICK button delivers a frequency boost for an extra bump in presence and punch. Whether players are looking to give their instrument a tube-like, saturated tone, cutting distortion, or a massive in-your-face fuzz sound, the Storm King delivers.

The Aguilar Storm King is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $179.99.

For more information about Aguilar Amplification, visit aguilaramp.com.