Ocean Way Audio Announces Pro3 Monitor

Ocean Way Audio has announced its new Pro3 monitor (nicknamed 'Fat Boy'), the latest addition to the company's renowned high-resolution monitor line. Despite its small size, the new two-way active monitor system is packed with innovation and features, and delivers a frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz and 110 dB maximum SPL between channels. Its diminutive footprint makes it perfect nearfield monitor for home, project and commercial recording studios, as well as in professional broadcast and post facilities where optimal performance is required, and space is at a premium.

In designing the Pro3 monitor, Ocean Way Audio has applied the same degree of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise as found in its famous, large-format loudspeakers, which are present in top-tier studios around the world. With Pro3, Ocean Way Audio is able to extend its reach into a broader market of engineers, producers and music creators across an expansive range of musical genres.

"We are excited about the launch of Pro3 and the positive impact it will have within the music production community — not just for engineers and producers, but music creators," commented Allen Sides, founder and CEO of Ocean Way Audio. "The Pro3 is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a clear, truthful representation of their mix. Once you have created something that sounds great, these little monitors will deliver an unmatched degree of detail and punchiness, with a low frequency response that belies their size."

One of the things that sets Ocean Way Audio monitors apart from its competitors is the accuracy of their imaging: in this case, between channels, the frequency response of each Pro3 monitor falls within ±0.5 dB of one another. This makes for a more cohesive stereo image and a more detailed spatial response. Meantime, the low-end frequency extension is exceptional for its size, delivering a flat response all the way down to 45Hz.

Small package, enormous innovation
Despite its size, Pro3 is packed with innovation. The cabinet design helps achieve accurate time alignment by reducing baffle reflections and incorporates materials designed to minimize low frequency resonance. The port on the Pro3 helps optimize the woofer’s low frequency extension, while adding to the speaker's overall sound pressure level capacity.

Meanwhile, the HF driver on Pro 3 incorporates a high definition, silk fabric dome design that delivers excellent acoustic linearity. The LF driver uses a geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with a vented cast aluminum chassis — making it able to deliver 'high power linearity' and perform optimally while monitoring at any level. These innovations, combined with an innovative cabinet design that delivers high-resolution audio and minimal reflections, enable longer sessions with a minimal degree of listening fatigue across the entire audio spectrum.

Ocean Way's advanced two-way, active design means that the Pro3s can be placed flexibly within a room and deliver a uniform frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz, and 110 dB maximum SPL between channels. The monitors' built in overload protection provides users an added degree of confidence, ensuring system reliability for the long-term.

The Pro3 monitors are currently priced at $2,994/pair and are now shipping.

To learn more visit the dedicated product page at oceanwayaudio.com/pro3-reference-monitor.