Unsigned Artist: Rainy Day Crush


Fronted by Betsy Ade, this Wisconsin quartet has a unique, retro-modern sound (incorporating burlesque, old-timey elements) that shows potential—if the band can work out fundamental kinks. As a performing unit, RDC is as tight as a gnat’s ass, with each talented player taking his turn to contribute. Ade’s voice has a wide range, warm resonance and speedy, spot-on diction. Here’s the problem: the songs (including “Serpentine” and “Sticky”) strive for complexity whereas what they they need to be is hooky and engaging. More specifically, the songs tend to take sudden detours that kill the groove. “Calamity!” is a perfect example of this problem; whenever it begins to build an irresistible momentum, the song veers off, backs down. Gotta simplify, folks.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: rainydaycrush.com
Seeking: Booking, Label
Style: Pop/Rock