Unsigned Artist: Andrew Adkins


Singer/songwriter Adkins has a warm, breathy appeal and he displays an abiding optimism in songs such as “Freeborn Heart,” where harmonica and banjo convey an affecting, downhome essence that helps the narrator overcome loneliness. “May the best come your way” Adkins intones on “The Stars Fall At Your Door,” which takes the celestial subtext to heart via a spacey cloud of ambience that lends the song a country-meets-cosmos glow. We were all swept away by the song’s chugging momentum. “Consisting of Love” is yet another humanistic message that builds effectively and, this time, crescendos with a singalong. Adkins is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who resonates with an engaging vulnerability. We dig ‘im.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: AndrewAdkins.net
Seeking: Publicity
Style: Americana, Alt-Folk