Unsigned Artist: Stefanie Engl


Not only does this composer have superior talent and the production skills to render her themes for max impact, but she’s presented them on a site that is so smart in design and function, with a cinematic loop that showcases her scores’ versatility. “Invasion,” with its pounding kettle drums, urgent violins and catchy motif, demonstrates Engl’s firm grasp of traditional symphonics. The haunting “Adagio” is a beautiful elegy that would be ideal to underscore the aftermath of an epic devastation. And just when we were thinking the composer is perhaps a bit conservative, she offers “Nightmare,” whose creepy, edgy electronics (recalling Wendy Carlos or Jocelyn Pook) freaked us out. No question Engl is well worth a look from film/TV folks.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: aoidemusics.com
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Film Music