Tycho at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA

On this cool Bay Area night, Scott Hansen (Tycho) brought a quartet of talented musicians to Berkeley's Greek Theater. Together they helped pulse his project's downtempo ambient compositions to life. Saint Sinner (pictured) meandered on and off the stage throughout the 90-minute set to play her role as vocalist from Tycho's 2019 release Weather. And while her performance was nothing short of stunning, what really stole the show was the drum & bass connection, always driving the beat forward beneath Hansen's unique, peaceful Moog modulations. The setlist spanned the artist's 15-year discography, including the obvious crowd favorite "Awake."

As is with any Tycho show, the musical performance alone would have been considered quality Friday night entertainment, but Hansen brought two giant projectors that painted sunsets, busy city streets, album artwork and primary colors to help keep all eyes on the stage. The stage visuals, as always, are one of the many reasons fans keep coming back for more each tour.

Catch Tycho on tour stateside through September and outside the US beginning in November: tychomusic.com/home/#tour


Photo credit Tom Tomkinson via @tychomusic IG