traditional country songs

Traditional Country Songs Needed for Placements

A wide range of traditional country songs with male or female vocals are needed by a publisher for film/TV and commercial placements.

The publisher is open to hearing all sorts of traditional country sub-genres, including Bluegrass, Cajun, Honky Tonk, Hillbilly, Western Swing, Country Folk, Outlaw Country, Tex-Mex, Cowboy/Western, Zydeco, etc.

Contemporary songs, as well as recently recorded/retro-sounding and vintage recordings, are all fair game for this request; however, they can only use songs that are broadcast-ready. Please make sure any older material you submit is well-recorded, mixed, and mastered.

Please submit songs that have a well-developed melodic structure, great lyrics, and instantly engaging choruses. Mid-to-up-tempo songs are typically the most desirable in film and TV, but ballads can be submitted.

Please make sure your production is strong and your arrangement has instrumentation that fits the sub-genre of country you've selected. Your vocal should have believable, honest, and authentic-sounding country delivery.

Lyrics that avoid references to specific names, dates, times, places, brands, and profanity will be appreciated by the company, as they are easier to place.

This company offers an exclusive deal, so please make sure the songs you pitch for this opportunity are not already signed with other companies or catalogs. Any sync fees will be split 50/50 with the company. You must own or control the master and composition rights to pitch for this opportunity. Please submit as many songs as you’d like, online or per CD. All submissions will be screened on a Yes/No basis—short critiques only. Submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM (PDT) on Saturday, Oct. 12.

Listing number: TAXI #Y191012TC

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