The WiMN Announces the "She Rocks Podcast"

The Women’s International Music Network (The WiMN) announces the debut of the She Rocks Podcast. This new podcast series presents conversations with women from all walks of the music industry – from top-tier performers to behind-the-scenes heroes. Sharing insights, tips, gear rundowns and much more, the She Rocks Podcast gets in-depth and personal about all the issues that matter.

The show is hosted by Laura B. Whitmore, founder of the Women’s International Music Network and the She Rocks Award and a journalist for Parade.com and music industry marketer. A champion for women in music, Whitmore has interviewed hundreds of musicians from every spectrum of the industry. She notes, “It has always been my mission to share women’s stories in order to inspire and energize others. The She Rocks Podcast is a great platform to go in-depth with intimate conversations that really help these stories come alive through the artist’s own voice and emotions.”

The podcast features current and upcoming interviews with a diverse array of guests including Lisa Loeb, Mindi Abair, Anna Nalick, Gretchen Menn, Shelly Peiken, Yasi Hofer, Lari Basilio, Ali Handal, Ana Egge, Command Sisters, and many more to come.

Subscribe anywhere podcasts are available, or visit www.thewimn.com/she-rocks-podcast for more information and to see the first selections in the series.