The Lost Weekend 50th Anniversary Jam with May Pang

The Lost Weekend 50th Anniversary Jam with May Pang and Special Guests. 

Chris Carter, Breakfast with the Beatles/KLOS - Emcee

Concert features an array of music legends in an all star jam playing music of that iconic time period, the early days of the Troubadour.  The concert coincides with the documentary release of "The Lost Weekend: A Love Story" by May Pang.  The documentary highlights in great detail what really happened in Los Angeles during that "so called" Lost Weekend with John Lennon. Contrary to rumors and folklore, Lennon was quite prolific during this time period of his life. While his many antics with Nilsson are legendary (including being thrown out of this very venue, The Troubadour), there are parts of his story that are extraordinary, including the material that was written and recorded during this time in California. May Pang was not only a central figure in John's life but was the organizer of many of Lennon's sessions.  You may have heard about the "Hollywood Vampires" but the ORIGINAL Vampires were Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Keith Moon and Mickey Dolenz (and a few others in and out of that fray) with much of their activity occurring here, at The Troubadour. May Pang has always been a strong advocate for great music and artists and she's known for throwing historic jams in NYC.  Her life-long friendships within the music industry are as tight now as it was in 1973-74.  This time, the tables are turned and friends of Lennon, Nilsson and May herself are "coming together" for her historic return to the Troubadour since that fateful night 50 years ago. You are in for a very special, once in a lifetime treat with some of music's royalty, legends, magic and finally good (and not-so-instant) Karma. 

Portions of profits to benefit @MusiCares.org. Commemorate Art/Poster designed by Ernie Cefalu creator of the iconic Rolling Stones "Tongue" logo and others