Oceanway Audio to Demonstrate AeroWave Sound System at NAMM

Burbank-based Oceanway Audio (booth 16315), led by legendary audio innovator and multiple GRAMMY® award-winner Allen Sides, will be hosting live demonstrations of its new AeroWave™ AW-9045 large-venue sound system technology at the NAMM 2023 exhibition. The demonstrations will occur each day at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in room 201D, upstairs across the Sky Bridge.

"We look forward to meeting with our customers, colleagues and partners at NAMM 2023," commented Allen Sides, CEO and Founder of Oceanway Audio. "We are looking forward to demonstrating the AeroWave™ AW-9045 — our very latest point source system for live sound applications. This is a system that delivers superior clarity and definition, no matter where you are seated in a venue. Most importantly, it is very musical and fun to listen to."

Oceanway Audio's innovative AeroWave™ system has the widest linear horizontal and vertical dispersion of any comparable array system currently manufactured. Further, it is the only live sound system with superb directivity all the way down to 125Hz, which is simply not possible on line arrays using multiple, direct radiating components. The AeroWave™ system is also roughly 10 dB more efficient than other conventional line arrays because of its incredibly efficient straight horn design. The result is increased power efficiency: it only requires approximately one third of the power conventional systems require to reach the same volume. The result is lower distortion, and a more natural sound — even at high sound pressure levels.

One the key differentiating factors of the AeroWave™ system is that it only requires one crossover point between two truly constant directivity high frequency and low frequency horns with identical flare rates. This eliminates the need for excessive amounts of digital corrections which are often needed to remediate anomalies present in multi-crossover/multi-direct radiator line array systems. Most importantly, the AeroWave™ system is able to impart an incredibly natural, ultra-wide bandwidth, truly high-fidelity sound — without a trace of harshness.

Visit Oceanway Audio's at its demo room 201D, upstairs across the Sky Bridge to experience AeroWave™ for yourself. For more information on AeroWave™, visit oceanwayaudio.com/aerowave-large-venue-sound-system-technology/.