Def Jam and WNBPA Celebrate Women in Sports

On the precipice of a new WNBA season, the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) has announced a partnership with Def Jam Recordings. Together, they will promote and celebrate women in both the music and sports industries, marketing a significant milestone in supporting women across multiple sectors. 

Music plays an integral role in the lives of athletes, powering them through workouts and empowering them on and off the court. This partnership recognizes the importance of music in sports and how it has driven our culture, athletes, and the sport we play. The WNBPA relies on the impact of music to engage its fans and share its players' life experiences through the “conversation” of music and beats.

“The intersection of music and sports has driven our culture, our athletes and the sport they play. We rely on the impact of music to engage the fans, and share life experiences through the ‘conversation’ of music and beats,” said Terri Jackson, Executive Director of the WNBPA. 

To tip off this collaborative project, the WNBPA and Def Jam Recordings are releasing a “Bet on Women” playlist, featuring talented women artists from the record label. This playlist aims to inspire and propel listeners through a power walk, spin workout, or even a work-day. It begins with high energy girl boss music from Ashanti and Rihanna and transitions into healing and soothing sounds from artists like Jhené Aiko and Coco Jones. The playlist ends with more high energy music to motivate for their day ahead. The playlist represents a collection of anthems that embraces and speaks to ALL women.