The Chicks Perform At The Greek Theater

The Chicks played the Greek theater Monday and Tuesday (7/25 & 26) with Jenny Lewis. Lewis began her acting career at the age of seven appearing in commercials for popular brands like Jell-O and Barbie as well as Toys ‘R’ Us. Lewis had minor roles in Murder She Wrote, the New Twilight Zone, Roseanne, and Baywatch before apearing in a number of teen movies until her music career began in 1998. However, Lewis did resume acting and was in Netflix’s A Very Murray Christmas. Lewis was a member of Indie-Rock band Rilo Kiley from it’s formation in 1998 until breaking up in 2013. The group released four studio albums and Lewis has released four solo albums. Lewis has also appeared on songs with Vampire Weekend, Elvis Costello, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. Two of Lewis’s albums hit number one on the US Vinyl chart. Lewis played 10 songs including “Just One of the Guys,” “Little White Dove,” and “Red Bull & Hennessy.”

 The Chicks (Dixie Chicks until 2020) were formed in Dallas, TX in 1989 by sisters Emily Strayer (Vocals/Banjo) and Martie Maguire (Vocals/Violin) and were originally a 4-piece group. Nataline Maines became the lead vocalist in 1995 and they released their first album with Maines Wide Open Space in 1998 which went 13x-Platinum and number one on the US Country Chart. This was followed by their first number one on the Billboard Top 200 Fly also number one on the US Country Chart and went 11x-Platinum. Their next three albums would all go to number one on the U.S. Country chart with two also on the Billboard Top 200. The Chicks also had six U.S. Country number ones.  In 2020, The Chicks released Gaslighter their first album under their new name and first release in 14 years. This is their first tour since 2017. Producing the album was one of today’s top producers and founding member of the band Bleachers, Jack Antonoff who also played various instruments on the album. Gaslighter hit number 3 on the Billboard Top 200. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith played drums on nearly the whole album. 

The Chicks began their show with “Sin Wagon” followed by the title track of their new album. After their touring band played an intro all three members appeared in the back of the stage on a riser and made their way down to the front of the stage. It was easy to see how many hard-core fans were there in country style outfits and knowing every song. They really are one of the top country acts to go see. The 23-song set included four covers of Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Robinson, and Patty Griffin. They performed three of their number ones “Wide Open Spaces,” “Cowboy Take Me Away,” and “Travelin’ Soldier.” The closing song was “Goodbye Earl,” although it wasn’t a number one, it’s certainly the one song everyone knows of theirs. 

Patty Griffin joins The Chicks starting August 3rd at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO and has dates together through August 13th with two more in September and one in October before The Chicks play the Austin City Limits festival for two weekends. 

The Chicks Setlist:

  1. Sin Wagon
  2. Gaslighter
  3. Texas Man
  4. Julianna Calm Down
  5. The Long Way Around
  6. Hope It’s Something Good
  7. Sleep at Night
  8. Give It Up or Let Me Go- Bonnie Raitt cover
  9. Wide Open Spaces
  10. Tights on My Boat
  11. Lubbock or Leave It
  12. Cowboy Take Me Away
  13. Long Time Gone
  14. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac cover
  15. Don't Let Me Die in Florida- Patty Griffin cover
  16. March March
  17. For Her
  18. White Trash Wedding
  19. Everybody Loves You
  20. Young Man
  21. Not Ready to Make Nice
  22. Travelin' Soldier - Bruce Robison cover
  23. Goodbye Earl