Tenacious D

Tenacious D at Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA

Rock/comedy duo Tenacious D recently stopped into Oakland, CA’s Fox Theatre to present its newest metal-friendly musical, Post-Apocalypto. The full-screen digital + live performance told the band’s newest tale of K.G. (Kyle Gass) and J.B.’s (Jack Black) quest to stop the world from coming to a tragic end. Featuring songs about the White House’s KKK security team, a sex-friendly Terminator, and much more, the performance featured a guitar-less Black and full backing band, with K.G. rocking his usual acoustic--and sometimes recorder--for over 40 minutes of storytelling goodness.

Once the new album was complete, Black grabbed his axe as the band took the already-satisfied audience in a time machine to perform hits from their 2012 release, Rize of the Fenix. Keeping the time-travel theme alive, the band then traveled 6 years further to rock classics from The Pick of Destiny before ending on the infamous Self-Titled hits “Wonderboy” and “Tribute.”

While this isn’t the first time the band has traveled to the Bay Area, this performance at the Fox Theatre was by far the best we’ve witnessed. The set was extremely tight, the vocals were crystal clear, and both singers brought the power of a thousand rock gods. Truly a night to remember and we cannot wait to see them again in 6 years.

Kudos to opening duo, Wynchester, who bring their own style of acoustic guitar comedy with a much more folksy, bluegrass twist.

Tickets for the remaining leg of the tour are on sale at tenaciousd.com.