Tech 21 Introduces Four SansAmp Character Plus Series Pedals

Taking the concept of their original Character Series pedals a step further, Tech 21 broadened the range of tonal options to include additional building blocks. The new SansAmp Character Plus Series celebrates the unique chemistry between specific historic amplifiers and specific historic pedals, and cleverly unites them together in single packages:

Screaming Blonde   =  Fender-style + Tube Screamer-style

English Muffy           =  HiWatt-style + Big Muff-style

Fuzzy Brit                 =  Marshall-style + Fuzz Face-style

Mop Top Liverpool   =  Vox-style + Rangemaster Booster-style

Each of the Character controls sweeps through an entire spectrum of eras within their particular amp style. Screaming Blonde tones range from the ‘50s Fullerton to blackface and silverface. The English Muffy spans from classic UK rock to prog rock. Fuzzy Brit goes from classic hard rock to all current rock genres. The Mop Top Liverpool embodies the British invasion through “Bohemian” rock.

Character Plus Series pedals each offer 2 channels and a stompbox within a stompbox. The SansAmp and effects sections are independent. So, you can use the SansAmp on its own or just the effect with other pre-amps/amplifiers.

Being genuine, 100% analog SansAmps, Character Plus Series pedals can be used as stand-alone pre-amps to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, or to complement your existing amp. Other features include built-in speaker simulation individually tuned to match each of the speaker/cabinet configurations associated with each amplifier type; 3-band active EQ, XLR Output, included 9V DC Power Supply. Rugged all-metal housing measures 7.75”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h and weighs just 12 oz.